Arvid Orbeck Jr

Las Vegas, NV

Arvid Orbeck Jr. has over 35 years of business, marketing, and entrepreneurial experience in a variety of industries. Since 1994, he has played a leading role in the oil and petrochemical industry. Arvid Orbeck Jr. has developed new technologies, secured patents, and attracted funding to companies such as Energy and Environmental Technologies, LLC, and Orbeck Drilling Group.

As the founder and Chairman of Energy and Environmental Technologies, Arvid Orbeck Jr. oversees all marketing and business development for the firm. He helped to acquire patents for the company’s EET Catalytic Encapsulation Technology and Systems. The systems help oil companies remediate waste and eliminate pollution after drilling. Energy and Environmental Technologies specializes in environmental remediation of hydrofracking flowback, pit water, and production water. Under Orbeck’s leadership, the firm has collaborated with such industry leaders as Hess Oil and Gas and the Fina Refinery.

Arvid Orbeck also controls the day-to-day operations of the Orbeck Drilling Group, a consortium of companies that market technologies related to drilling and cleanup. He also serves as the founder and Chairman of Elite Steam Technologies, a company that uses patented wet and dry steam technology which has huge application in many markets to include the oil and gas industry. Elite Steam’s machinery guickly generates large quantities of steam and pressure.

Arvid Orbeck Jr. entered the oil and gas industry in 1996, when he worked with Penzoil to develop oil cleanup technology. He also owned several California health and nutrition-oriented businesses. He was also the Founder and Chairman of the Suncoast Environmental Corporation. He secured $2 million in funding for the company and successfully marketed and sold the patented infrastructure technology to municipalities throughout the United States and Mexico.

In the past, Arvid Orbeck Jr. has also taken on leadership roles in his community. He served as the President of the U.S. Redevelopment Agency, a company that worked to provide affordable housing to people in need. He also served as the Lancaster City Recreation Commissioner and helped create the Performing Arts Center, the Minor league Baseball Stadium, youth forums, family support programs, and anti-gang interventions.

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Arvid Orbeck Jr

Las Vegas, NV

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